1. stilllifecreative:

    Not only are we big supporters of Victoria’s annual Rifflandia Festival, we’re huge fans of each & every person involved in the planning, producing and performing of the festival. Hard at work in the weeks leading up to this year’s Rifflandia, the Magazine team at Caste Projects and Chris Long just gave everyone a sneak peek at their creative process. Bravo everyone!


    Back in March, we were brought on to provide creative direction for this year’s Rifflandia Festival. As one of Victoria’s largest and most progressive music and arts festivals, we were incredibly excited about the chance to get involved with the festival on a comprehensive, day-to-day level. We’ve always taken pride in working with businesses and brands that are deeply embedded in the culture of Victoria, and given Rifflandia’s community-focused approach, its track-record of bringing in top-tier talent, and its incredibly positive reputation, we knew that working with the festival would be a productive and rewarding experience.

    We moved quickly from sketches and conceptual exploration to a solid framework for festival’s design that would allow the specifics to develop and unfold over the following six months. The general concept was to create a wide range of visual support material that would establish and reinforce Rifflandia as a place unto itself — a country, a province, a region, a city, a state… essentially a sovereign entity, replete with the trappings of a real place. Over the past several months, we’ve been developing all kinds of material to support this concept: printed matter, promo campaigns, the Rifflandia HQ space, and the much-anticipated festival magazine! The dynamic festival organization, the relatively short life-span of the project, and the scale of Rifflandia’s presence in Victoria meant that we had a lot of freedom to push our creative boundaries.

    We generated a list of ideas that could be represented within the concept, and make sense under the Rifflandia flag, (emblazoned with the roman numeral “V”, for the fifth year of Rifflandia) and we found plenty of territory to explore. We did a photoshoot for the Winlandia! contest’s spot in the magazine (which allowed us to make use of our new photostudio), our intern Claire helped us create an elaborate diorama to be put in the front window the Rifflandia headquarters, we’ve created posters, pins, t-shirts, and all kinds of different merch items that will be launched in the coming weeks. The biggest piece of the puzzle, however, is the magazine. Designing its 120 pages proved to be a demanding but immensely rewarding project and included layout, illustration, writing, (some) ad design, a Rifflandia “passport”, a cut-out fortune teller, and more.

    To help spread the word and build excitement about the coming festival, we created a series of “election signs” to be placed in and around the city promoting both the festival itself and the artists involved. We’ve had the chance to play with new ideas and new projects every day, and we get to see our work jump from our sketchbooks onto the street in extremely short order! It’s been a stimulating process so far, and we’re looking forward to the final push toward the festival, which runs from September 13 through to the 16th, here in Victoria.

    Also, the official magazine launch will be at the Amelia Street Block Party this Friday!

    (via stilllife4life)